Coffee is on point!
- Daniella Sfeir
Best coffee in HK!
- Nadim C Sharbean
"the best coffee in these parts... rivalled by none in Hong Kong or USA"
- E. Carter, long-time customer
I say the F word every time I take my first sip of their coffee... "Fresh!"
- Al Yung

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Welhome IVY LKY x WPM Pitcher NEW
Never Stand Still (NSS) Concept is a new project which crossover with IVY LKY (2016 New York Coffee ..

Latte Art Class (Private Lesson) NEW
Date: Negotiable Minimum Participant: 4 peoples Time: 2.5 hours (Negotiable) ..

Compact Designs - Tamper (58 mm diameter) Mahogany handle NEW -40%
Crema Pro tampers are the perfect tool to achieve a consistent tamp every time, and consistency is e..
HK$450 HK$270

Welhome  WPM ZD-15 Grinder NEW
- 25 grind settings. - Italian designed conical burrs achieve excellent grind consistency while mai..

Welhome  WPM ZD-10 Grinder NEW
- Durable conical burrs retain the quality of the coffee - Deliver a consistent, even grind - Grin..

Rattleware grinder brush NEW
Grinder Cleaning Brush - Plastic handle The cleaning brush is perfect for cleaning your grinding ..

Compact Designs - Barista Kit -40%
The Coffee’s Bean barista kit comes with all the accessories you ned to set up your espresso worksta..
HK$1,080 HK$648

Compact Designs - Group Head Cleaning Brush -40%
The group head cleaning brush takes care of grinds on and around the epsresso machine’s “shower scre..
HK$25 HK$15

Compact Designs - Knock Tube (Commercial) -40%
The knock tube is used to clear the espresso portafilter (bastet) after making a shot. Crema Pro ..
HK$730 HK$438

Compact Designs - Knock Tube (Domestic 110mm) -40%
Standing 110mm tall and made from hardened plastic, this countertop waste bin includes a stainless s..
HK$248 HK$149

Compact Designs - Knock Tube (Domestic 175mm) -40%
Standing 175mm tall and made from hardened plastic, this waste bin includes a stainless steel rod an..
HK$288 HK$173

Compact Designs - Measuring Spoon -40%
Made from hard-wearing polypropylene, the measuring spoon holds 7g (0.25oz) of ground coffee...
HK$25 HK$15

A strong, heavy blend with the trademark coffee aftertaste. This blend has hints of caramel and lico..

A cherry, nutty, chocolaty blend with the slightest smoky aftertaste. This blend contains Brazilian,..

This blend is sweet, earthy and fruity all in one. It is a combination of Brazilian and Sumatran cof..

A smooth, medium-strength, nutty blend, this coffee has a chocolaty finish and contains Brazilian, C..

Supremo is extremely aromatic with delicate fruitiness and low-mild acidity...

Single Origin - Rwanda Mwasa Washed Recommended by Jason, Glory Coffee Founder Origin: Rwan..

Clean Water Supply

Clean Water Supply

admin 13/01/2016 0
Make sure you have a clean water supply If there is high chlorine, iron or other minerals in your water,try to use quality bottle...
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Coffee Storage

Coffee Storage

admin 12/01/2016 0
You can keep your coffee fresh and full of flavour if you store it properly   Buy coffee...
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有說「一杯咖啡好喝與否,在乎於高質素的咖啡豆。」但是,在咖啡豆烘焙的過程中,即使少量雜質的豆,絕對會影響咖啡的香醇。於是,每位咖啡烘焙師就得眼明手快,於烘焙前剔除當中的瑕疵豆,保持咖啡豆的穩定及質素! 匿藏在「好豆」中的「壞豆」,究竟該如何辨認出來?單從外表來說,我們可以找到「蟲蛀豆」、「未脫殻豆...
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