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Roasted Blend - Lucky Duck -24%
• Ethiopian, Brazilian & Colombian • Perfect blend for those who love fruity coffee. Medium bod..
HK$156 HK$119

• Colombian, Costa Rican & Indian • Strong & intense in flavour, with a dark caramel sweetn..

Roasted Blend - Saint Charles -21%
• Brazilian, Colombian & Costa Rican • Offering you a full-bodied and creamy mouthfeel, with no..
HK$159 HK$125

Roasted Blend - Sirocco -25%
• Brazilian, Costa Rican & Sumatran • A rich, dark roasted and strong blend, this blend contain..
HK$159 HK$120

Roasted Blend - Soleil -27%
• Brazilian & Sumatran • This blend is sweet, earthy and fruity all in one. Medium body, smooth..
HK$164 HK$120

Ethiopia Limu Duromina Washed (Roasted) NEW
The name Duromina means “improve their lives” in the Affan Oromo language. It is located in the s..

General Comments : Pineapple, tropical fruits and some berries in aroma, floral, plum, spice, soft ..

Single Origin - Rwanda Mwasa Washed Recommended by Jason, Glory Coffee Founder Origin: Rwan..

The New Vetrano is the ultimate flexible espresso machine. Designed for home or small bar use, it pr..

The dual-boiler Vetrano offers the ultimate in control and flexibility for a domestic/small bar E61 ..

Quick Mill Domestic Espresso Machine - Cassiopea (Model No.3004) -3%
The Cassiopea home espresso machine allows you to make espresso and cappuccino. It has two heat exch..
HK$6,688 HK$6,500

The New Aquila is a beautiful machine for commercial quality espresso shots at home. It has a die-ca..

  SPECIAL BUNDLE PROMOTION OFFER! Domestic Espresso Machine + Grind..